Tips For Looking After the Bow

With archers, the bow is always the most precious possession. Therefore, there are more or fewer people spend much money to buy the best one from the top compound bows 2017. If you are one of the professional archers, the best compound bow brand name 2017 may help you. Owning the best bow is not enough, it’s also essential to learn how to take care of the bow because it will help you last its life-span. Below are some useful tips:

  • Take care of the bow:


Say “no” with laying your bow on the ground or floor to avoid dust as well as other materials damaging the bow. In case you lay it around, someone may slip on and it may need to be repaired even be ruined forever.

Make sure your bow doesn’t be wet. If it is fallen into water or is caught under the rain, you have to dry it as soon as possible. In spite of the waterproof finish, water is able to damage the bow’s alignment especially when its content includes metal.

To maintain your bow’s finish, utilize a good bow polish or wax

  • Look after the bowstring:

It is very easy for your bow string to be damaged so always keep the string taut & waterproof by using a special bowstring wax. Don’t allow others to handle the bow carelessly because the best performances depend on the string’s condition more than the bow’s body. To prevent the string from being entangled, you had better polish it regularly.

  • Take care of the arrows:

take care of arrow

Arrows come in a variety of price ranges and qualities. If you choose the cheap wooden arrows, they are probably thrown after just some days of using. Or you don’t also need to worry they are lost. In case you are intending to take part in a tournament, perhaps you will want to purchase expensive arrows. Don’t let your arrows to be wet. Even the smallest damages to your arrows are able to affect your performances.

  • Target mats & faces:

If you leave the mats and faces under the rain or allow them to be wet, it is very easy for them to catch fungus. Keep in mind to clean the mats frequently along with all of other archery things. Especially,

the target faces can easily tear after just some weeks of using. With small tears, you are able to utilize tape for repairs. To make sure exact results, you should be careful about the target mats & faces’ alignment. Use patches to increase the target faces’ life.

  • Check the nock:

Check the nock

It had better be checked frequently because the nock can easily wear out. Opt for a nock to match the arrows’ rest, if you want to replace. You are able to get rid of the nock by means of utilizing a lighter in order to melt the glue which holds it in place. While using the arrows, remember to keep them pointed upwards as well as don’t let the flame touch any parts of the arrows.

After melting the glue, you are able to utilize sandpaper & pliers for taking off the old one. Before placing a new model in place, clean the area first then utilize your fingers for spreading out fresh glue. Before the fresh glue hardens, you need to check the alignment many times. Rotating your arrows to check the nock’s alignment is good.

  • Tips for replacing a feather:

The bottom line to replace an arrow feather in the right way is the exact alignment. Remember just to utilize good-quality glue. What’s more, look after not to place in the left-wing fletching for the right-wing fletched arrow. Utilize a blunt knife for removing the worn out feather, not ruin the arrow’s shaft. Put the new feather on the jig properly & glue in place after checking the alignment with other feathers. Utilize a clamp for keeping the feather in place until the glue dries.

  • Should you replace arrow points?

arrow points

The arrowhead needs to be replaced if your arrow bodies are in great shapes but their points have been damaged. Moreover, rather than throw an arrow point in great condition away, you are able to get rid of the arrowhead & utilize it with another. In the event of damaged shaft, the arrowhead can’t be replaced

  • The arrow rest ‘s importance:

Like other parts, you have to check the arrow rest frequently as long as the arrow pressure point has to be correct on the pivot. It’s still good if the arrow is correctly perpendicular to its string once put on the arrow rest.

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