Other Tip Preparing for a Major Golf Tournament

* Ensure that adequate amounts of equipment and tools are secured prior to advance week. Local vendors are usually great about lending additional mowers, and some even provide a mechanic to ensure that all cutting units are sharpened daily.

09 12 Flooded bunker

* Provide a day to train volunteers for their respective duties if logistically possible.

* Organize a divot crew to fill divots before and during the tournament.

* Ensure that enough sand and seed mix are available.

* Special green-dyed sand mix is used for divots in the television holes. Mix the sand and dye one week prior to the event. Make sure the mix is covered in the event of rain.

* Maintain a six-feet wide walkway from the teeing ground to the fairway, which is mowed at fairway heights well in advance of the tournament.

* In the event of inclement weather, adequate roller squeegees should be on hand. It is also a good idea to have a plan and a trained staff who knows how to properly use them.

* If the event is televised, officials usually require that the pin hole lips are painted white so that cameras can pick them up. Again, it is very important that a trained staff is used to perform these tasks. Any mistakes will glare on television.

These reccomendations could go on and on. As you can see, it takes an awful lot of grief and preparation to get a golf course in this condition. The next time you see a televised tournament, think of the superintendent and his crew. They usually do not get much credit for all of their hard work.

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