How to choose motocross helmets with sun visor

There is no doubt that helmets save users’ lives, but looking for the helmet that will be suitable for you could be difficult. In Rocky Mountain MC, we support your safety. The helmet will be the most necessary and important bit of safety equipment you are wearing, and we want to give some advice for looking for the suitable one. Look at some tips on motocross helmet with visor below in order to buy yourself the best motocross helmet with visor.


Looking for the proper size helmets for the head could be a bit tricky. No 2 manufacturers produce the same shape or size of helmets, but they all do offer a particular sizing chart (measured mostly in inches) that is used for helmet’s designs. To get the measurement just for the size of your helmet, utilize a tailoring tape for measuring and measure the circumference around the head of yours from 1 inch over your eyebrows to your skull’s fullest part. Again, apply the guidelines of sizing chart for each particular helmet in order to choose your right size.


The helmet needs to be SNUG and still comfortable at the same time. A wrong fitting helmet will be dangerous. Unless helmets fit tight, helmets will not have the ability to properly perform in order to keep the head safe as possible in the case of accidents. Don’t compromise the safety of your own.

You will need to check for suitable fitment before going out on your first ride using it since your helmet will be utilized and not be returnable anymore.

Safety Ratings

As looking for your helmet, make sure to look for a DOT certified sticker on your helmet’s back. If you’re in the America, don’t bother purchasing a new helmet that doesn’t have any DOT certified sticker on that helmet. Your safety will be more crucial than that.


Ensure that the label is intact when you buy a helmet. This provides information like the manufacturer, owner’s info, the model, manufacture materials, size, etc. If this label is not present, look for other helmets.

If you take part in racing, check with the organization’s rules for racing about requirements of helmet standards. Some good organizations will need ECE certified or current Snell helmets.

Sun visor

When it comes to choosing your motocross helmet with the sun visor, it is really important to pick one with good enough sun visor since the sun visor will be an indispensable component for your helmet. As the helmet’s sun visor is made of durable materials, assisting you in protecting your head and your eyes when you are riding. It is also preventing any dust and dirt entering your eyes. And the sun visor is really easy for users to clean and maintain.

Replace your helmet

Helmets are not good forever. Many people do not know the rule about when they could replace them. In case your helmet involved in a fall which resulted in any impact – whether it is crashed or it hits your head, whether that helmet was simply dropped hard on a really hard surface – then it’s time to buy a new one. A helmet will be only good enough for a crash before its safety and integrity are compromised. Don’t make a mistake of supposing that the helmet perhaps only sustained a small scratch, dent or chip. Helmets have impact absorbing liners (typically Styrofoam) which absorb most energy from any hit during an accident. This will be the most essential and important component of helmets since it disperses and compresses energy from an impact to reduce the force onto your head. After the liner does the job, helmets are ready to be replaced, even when you cannot see damage on it. Do not gamble with the life of your own – get your new helmet.


Continuous use could wear down your helmet’s lining and padding. It could lose the original form or tear from your helmet itself. It is time to buy another helmet for you. Even if your helmet’s lining is intact and you have not ever had your head hit hard, it’s a wise idea to purchase another new helmet in case you’ve had your old helmet for 5 years or more (according to manufacturers). Any signs at all which your helmet may be compromised need to be your last time which you wear that helmet. Your safety needs to be a top priority.


Now you know how to pick up the best ATM helmet with sun visor for yourself.

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